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Dear Friends,


Thank you for having registered to attend my town hall meeting on the topic of riding boundary redistribution.  And thank you to all that attended or wrote in to provide me with their questions and comments on the proposed riding boundaries. Please watch the recording below.


As promised during the meeting, here is a link to the interactive map that you can use to take a closer look at what s being proposed: 

Redistribution Map Tool


As part of the redistribution process, boundary commissions consult with the public.  They do so, because they recognize that there is more to consider than just a straight mathematical calculation.  As a member of the public you have an opportunity to participate in those public hearings.


A virtual public hearing is currently scheduled for our riding on September 27th at 6:30 pm and includes Hamilton and Niagara; South Central Ontario; Southwestern Ontario; and Southernmost Ontario.  The deadline to register for this meeting is September 25th.  You can register as an observer or as a participant, and can do so via this link:

Public Hearing Participation Form


You can also submit your comments and suggestions to the Commission by email:


Regardless of how you chose to participate, I encourage you to be part of this process and make your views known to the Commission.




Larry Brock

Member of Parliament


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