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Early this year, Parliament passed Bill C-39, a one-year delay of the expansion of medical assistance in dying (MAID) to make it available for those whose sole underlying condition is mental illness. Conservatives voted in favour of this delay because it is better than the alternative - the immediate expansion of MAID to mentally ill patients against the advice of many mental health professionals.

With a deadline of March 2024 for the expansion to automatically take place, my Conservative colleague Ed Fast introduced Private Member’s Bill C-314. This bill would have amended the Criminal Code to state definitively that a mental disorder would not be considered a ‘grievous and irremediable medical condition’ eligible for MAiD. Sadly, on October 18, 2023, this bill was defeated by just 17 votes.

As the March 2024 deadline is swiftly approaching, several of my colleagues and I will be hosting a public forum in Brantford to raise awareness about this issue, discuss the current state of mental healthcare in Canada, and explore pathways forward.

Join us on November 25th at the Sherwood Restaurant at 12:00 noon.

Space is limited! Please register to reserve your spot and add your questions by completing the form below.

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