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COVID-19: Outbreak update

I’m sure you can appreciate my office is receiving a large volume of e-mails and phone calls outlining various concerns and questions about this evolving situation and its impacts on specific individual situations and our country. We’ve been working as quickly as possible to respond to everyone. Given the volume of inquiries and vast range of issues being raised, I’m providing a comprehensive summary in an effort to cover as many aspects of those concerns associated with this health challenge, which I hope will assist in addressing your own inquiry. These aspects include:

General information

Support for individuals

Targeted support

Support for organizations helping Canadians

Support for businesses

Financial support, loans and access to credit

Find the support you need for your business

Support for sectors

It is my hope this information on COVID-19 is helpful in answering your questions and concerns. I must reiterate that this situation is rapidly changing and evolving. For the most up-to-date information, please press the button below:

If you have a specific concern regarding COVID-19 which hasn’t been addressed through this summary, please contact me again by e-mail at or call my Brantford constituency office at 519-754-4300

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